Underwhelmed by Rihanna's Anti tour at the Aviva in Dublin

I had been looking forward to this concert since last year when I got the tickets.

MCD promotions are very good with concerts goers with extra needs, So I was able to bring an assistant with me.

Perhaps I was expecting too much, but I thought that one of the worlds biggest female entertainers, would have had a much more impressive set.

The rapper she had on as her supporting act (Big Sean), nearly did my head in and forced me out to the lobby a few times.

With the thumping music my vocal chords have not got a chance of making myself understood by anyone even if I'm practically inhaling there ear!

One of the things I've just sent an email of complaint about, is the fact that I was forced to go searching for a wheelchair accessible loo, while the steward outside our area seemed to have no problem allowing a gang of able bodied overly made up and under clothed girls, to monopolise the accessible loo outside.

I truly hope that one day, they get what they are unconsciously looking for!

For such a star, I expected a lot more for my money,not the first six songs forced out with the dodgy mixture of a poor mic and poorer lip syncing, in what looked like a hooded bathrobe!

Rihanna did got better though, along with the set and outfits and the highlight for me was "Diamonds"with everyone's phones obediently held aloft.

There was no encore (which suited me grand!) An unconvincing  goodbye and a private plane to be boarded for the next best audience she has ever seen!
Come back Lady Gaga!