Trump, "Under the gun" and America's impending IQ test

I've just finished watching "Under the gun", a powerful and revelatory look at the whole gun culture in the US.

Its hard to fathom how readily available guns are in that country, that you can buy a high powered gun which can take down a plane, with often no background check whatsoever needed.

Why is it that people on the US terror watch-list can be banned from boarding a plane, but can get as many guns as they want with impunity?

Why is there no centralized database about prospective gun buyers?

When nothing incriminating is found by the F.B.I in a 3 day legal window, the gun sale will have to go through by default. So far, this insanity has led to the lazy sale of more than 50,000 guns to prohibited buyers.

Its debatable how safe a mother with her children can be, if she openly carries a gun. The stark reality is that more Americans were killed by toddlers with guns than by Muslim terrorists so far in 2016.

Its a good thing that we don't have ready access to guns here in Ireland, or I think the mixture of hot headiness, alcohol and easy to get firearms would lead to a population implosion!

The extremely rich and powerful gun lobby seems to prosper while instilling fear in the general public, but yet the harsh reality is that states with more gun owners have more state deaths and vise versa.

I never realised the immense strength of the gun lobby in American political life. The former NRA (National Rifle Association) lobbyist, Robert Feldman said in this documentary, that they joked that the NRA stood for, "Never Re-elected Again" and that gives some indication how powerful that lobby is.

Just where is Mr Trump getting his support from? This master of so much offensive 'sand divisive verbal diarrhoea, the smug deliverer of fatuous comment' is so close to the top job, as to make the rest of the world shudder.

Its almost like a self fulfilling joke!

I'll be quite disgusted, if Hillary Clinton doesn't win by a landslide in November. Fingers Crossed!
Put down your guns, and open some newspapers!
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