Suspicions about "Every Life Counts"

(This post was originally done on the 31st March 2015 but was never published due to formatting).

My mind is mixed about the new organisation "Every Life Counts"

I agree with the premise that no life should be written off, especially by the callous swish of a pen from so called "medical professionals".

It is often too easy to be pompous and dismissive, about such issues.

You can have a child with a terrible diagnosis in the womb, who can turn out to defy the odds and turn out to be the heart of the family.

My own personal issue with this, is trying to figure out how fair it is, to bring a child with multiple disabilities into this world.

Life is usually more than tough enough!

I'm more understanding the indignities and pains of forced dependency. Where is the moral righteousness of bringing children into an often brutal world, to be left at the mercy of paid strangers, if the parents or siblings die.

So, I see both sides of the arguement.

I totally understand the importance of language, and the power of exerts. The idea that a life can be written off, through the cruel flick of a pen is frightening.

But maybe not as terrifying, as what can await these kids. Shame on them if they are just misusing them, as right wing pawns.

I have had a look at their website, and still can't make out if they are just another emotive voice for the loathsome right.

At the moment I'm in Naas hospital ,where most of the past 8 days I have been in a corner with no voice and not even the ability to turn in bed.

I look around and there are so many cases here that, make a joke of what is still scandalously described as living.

I am just out of Naas hospital again, with another heap of memories, which hopefully will fade soon

In my ward, there was an often unvisited elderly woman having animated chats with her packet of biscuits, with regular shouts of confused pain, all blended into a 24 hour hospital din.

The one fighting chance you have,when your body is imploding, is the support and advocacy of family and friends.

The pivotal question though, is what do you do, when they are not around?

In that jumbled parent/child dynamic, just which one will suffer the most and the longest?