Sad days for FA (Friedreich's Ataxia)

I was very sad to see the ugly tentacles of the "charity" business in full squalid action again.

Regretfully, this time the exposed activities are concerning the organisation for my own disorder ATAXIA IRELAND.

I very much want this not to be true, but the evidence seems quite accurate and damnable.

I just remember last Christmas when we were all asked to pay a subsidy for the Christmas dinner (at the last moment a mysterious donor was found).

For many, trapped in the increasingly narrowing world which Friedreich's Ataxia brings, it was probably one of their few social occasions of the year.

I am so mad on their behalf as well!

I did contact them once or twice in the past, to say that I wasn't happy to see a begging table outside Penny's in Newbridge with, two big signs shamelessly proclaiming "HELP THE DISABLED".

To my shock when I got closer it was associated with Friedreich's Ataxia.

The horrible reality is that the people who give to these organisations are often those who can least afford to!

I have just phoned the association as a concerned member and they just directed me to their website, where there is a very curt statement heralding a response within the next twenty one days.

I should have answered, that I definitely had a loaded comment for him. That I bitterly resented my mother and others of her vintage, standing in the cold rain of a winters day, tempting to hawk Christmas cards for their lose coffers.

I resented also the respite weeks, that were held to ransom due to "lack of funds".

Will the wheels of the disability wagon/gravy train ever be derailed, slowed down or at the very least punctured?

I am really sick of them all!

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