Recessionary Minds!

So, again on the news this morning I hear David Cameron talking about no end in near sight to austerity. I am no economist but for a long time I have felt that we the public are only getting one side of the story. 70% of the HSE budget is spent on wages but yet the average personal assistant earns €10 per hour. Something is very wrong with this picture.
I was told yesterday that the Irish Wheelchair Association is in financial straits, and my attention turns not only to myself, but to those I know will go without cover at all, and be left to their own devices to get through the day.
Everyone is just an errant chromosome or a car journey away from that fate.
People should not have to sink so low as to pour their hearts out on liveline, before action is taken.
The amount of money in the world is the same now, as 5 years ago. Money has not evaporated, the dividing lines between those who have it and those who don't has just become much more pronounced.
I look around at all the new cars and jeeps on the roads. Surely they are reflections of personal wealth as opposed to status symbols for the nmeighbours benefit. Knowing full well that when I go to the Madonna concert next tuesday in the Aviva stadium, that people will be falling over themselves to buy grossly overpriced drinks.
Should the bankers and fallen property magnates really take all of the blame? I am certainly no fan of them, but I do think that the bigger problem is human greed and an arrogance that says nothing is ever enough.
I heard on the radio recently, the DJ say that now a wage of €100,000 is not exceptional. A lot of people would question what planet he was living on, but he obviously doesn't think he's that out of touch.
There can be an awful lot more excess fat be cut, but lets reverse the trend and start from the top down as opposed to the usual vice versa. The tax havened Bono's of the country may well up sticks and move. Where would we be then?
Life is to be enjoyed to the full by everyone. Not indiscriminately paying out, but if you're looking to make cuts just don't start with the easy targets!

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