Gay life in Maynooth seminary---what a shocker!

As far as I'm concerned the only real shock is that they were/are so blatant about it using sites like Grindr for casual hookups.

Lets face it, they are not intending to meet other guys on that site, to discuss the merits of Leviticus.

The Archbishop of Dublin, must have heard numerous and reliable reports about Maynooth, for him to decide that Rome is the better place to education/indoctrinate his candidates.

I think most people realise, deep down, that most priests (who stay at least) and seminarians are gay anyway.

Or are they innocently presuming that they are conforming to church doctrine and living out a repressed and faithfully untouched life.

I hope this does not turn into an anti-gay story though!

Would the same people, be as appalled, if they were using such sites to pick up women?

For me, its not so much about sexuality as a display of duplicitous hypocrisy and swinging power.

The poor old Catholic Church seems to be on a fast track to extinction. I think I understand, the churches historical preoccupation with sexuality.

Regardless of their orientation, whether they are into men, women or both, if they can't keep it zipped, numerous problems are going to spill out.

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