Disability pays for Mary Davis anyway.

Saw Mary Davis on RTE last night and even though she came across well, I feel justified that I didn't vote for her, primarily because of her exorbitant pay for being on the Special Olympics committee.

There is a huge disability industry out there with self promotion at the end of the day being a large part for many. Her saintly image was tarnished by the amount of figures on her paycheck.

Whenever I see someone of that ilk surrounded by intellectually disabled (usually) for a glossy photo shoot, I just see the greedy arm of exploitation at work.
Went to the Madonna concert in the Aviva stadium. I managed to fall out of the side door of the van, as we had to park so far away (on a slope). A gushing forehead and atrocious weather couldn't keep me away from the show though.

To be honest, I was very underwhelmed. The sound was off for the first twenty minutes, so there was a lot of screeching. We had fantastic seats in the Aviva stadium, but even a woman of her stature couldn't fill even half of it. Her new album is only mediocre.

I felt sorry for those on the open field, trying yo look cool or even vaguely enthusiastic in their ugly dripping euro store rain poncho's.

It wasn't all bad, her set and dancers were as good as expected.Got my €5 souvenir t-shirt after the gig, and was thankfully home by 1.30am. She was probably in another country by then.

Not really worth all the hassle to see her. Bring on lady Gaga in September!

Mary Davis'earnings : http://www.thejournal.ie/mary-davis-releases-full-tax-filings-and-encourages-other-candidates-to-follow-suit-243849-Oct2011/


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