Desperate for some sun

Despite some heavy hint dropping, I don't think I will be back to Madrid anytime soon. The biggest issue for me is to find a personal assistant, without which I would not be able to fully enjoy the holiday at all. I don't want to go to a sunny wheelchair ghetto either. The last thing I want is to be surrounded by other wheelchair users and the inevitable talk about ramps, dependacy etc. A holiday is meant to be a welcome break from your usual reality.
Mother trooped into my room last night to tell me that Joe would have been 30, if he were still "alive". I couldn't even feign a hint of sadness. All I could think was "Thank fuck he'ss dead". To most people that sounds horrendous. But the thought of him speechless on top of all the degradation which FA brings, makes that horribly greedy cemetary just uo the road look like a merciful rescuer.
Was zapping through the channels yesterday,and the amount of so called religious channels is just scary. To see these fools rattle on about world issues, with an arrogance that only they have the right answers is maddening. Saw a group of them beside a "discover islam" stall on O'Connell street last weekend. I wish people stand up to them more. I view their outfits as uniforms of hate, misogyny and anti gay and free speech claptrap. Get a haircut!
Speaking of hair, I heard a segment on the radio about body hair and the obsession by both genders with hairlessness. It made me think of the majority of guys there who don't even allow unerarm hair to surface.Maybe they are genetically lucky in their smoothness. It has to be a better sight than the bushman I saw in the same gym doing leg splits on the floor with baggy shorts and no underwear. Thankfully that was a once off sighting!

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